Friday, October 10, 2008

Mari melancong D Brunei :D

Brunei Darussalam The country of peace... a land i called home... cewah...:P mcm biasa... masu2kn saja barang2 catu2...~ hehe...

Info2 yg ku cari dari kwn ku Google...
The small Islamic Kingdom of Brunei is located on the island of Borneo which is the world's third largest. The country of Brunei occupies a small portion of Borneo in the north central part of the island and it is isolated by Malaysia into two separate parts. Brunei is rich in resources, particularly oil which allows the Kingdom to be tax free and with many luxuries. Exports from the country's resources provide enough money to make the King of Brunei one of the richest men in the world.
so ada jua laa tmpat yg interesting kn d aga d brunei nie seperti...~

Daerah Brunei Muara
Brunei Town
Just a few Minute away from Brunei International Airport either by buses or taxis it is the center of Brunei... and a popular attraction among the tourist...

Bandar Area

Shopping Complex

Empire Hotel And Resort

Daerah Belait
45 minute ride by car by Highway will bring you to this place... it is the largest district in Brunei n where oil is produce... it also have it own tourist attraction... Ect wasai or soo...

Mumong Mosque Aerial view

Natural wounder of KB

Daerah Tutong
15 min journey by the highway... located between Brunei Muara n Belait... a relaxing place but a popular place for car enthusiast as they usually host the annual club meeting @ Pantai Seri Kenangan as it is very assessable from the main road...

The Beaches

Tasek Merimbun

Tutong River
Daerah Temburong
Temburong place of peace and away of all the city noise... a good place to find relaxation... a 45 minute boat trip from B.S.B only cost you $5-$7 one way trip... Here is where you can find many of the untouched forest and species of insect and animal... personally this is my favorite of all dristrict in Brunei...

Welcome 2 Temburong

Mean Of Transportation form and to Temburong

Sight and sound of Temburong Town

Beware bkn ja biawak ada buaya pun ada 2...

Ulu Temburong

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